Becoming a Scholarship Partner

EHA Partners

Becoming a Scholarship Partner is a bold way for financial supporters to do ministry, generously and relationally. They sponsor one scholarship package – making EHA possible for a student, building a relationship with a student. It’s a way for faithful friends to share a calling with parents and classroom teachers and students themselves. Even though they can’t be in the classroom every day, Scholarship Partners are powerful ambassadors for the Lord. Everyone involved… parents, students, teachers, donors, volunteers…everyone is working together to accomplish God’s good for Richmond.

Scholarship Partners look forward to receiving two letters each year from the child whose education they could be supporting.  Scholarship Partners are also invited to two (optional) Partner Day events each year, where students and Scholarship Partners are together, breaking bread.  Partner Days are on campus and include a program and classroom activities together. Our desire is to build relationships and learn from one another.

We offer tuition on a sliding scale, and many of our students live below federal poverty levels. As a result, student tuition covers less than 15% of the operating budget.  The Academy relies on faithful individuals, supporting churches, and organizations to provide more than 85% of the funds needed to offer an accessible education.

Want to Know More?

Why is a Partner Scholarship $9,800? Every family at EHA pays tuition on a sliding scale based on income and family size. EHA’s cost to educate a child for a year is $11,000.  While every family pays tuition each month, over 85% of the budget comes in the form of donations. Donors make it possible for EHA to never turn away a child due to a lack of funds. Scholarship Partners cover most of what it costs for a child to attend EHA for a year.

Full Scholarship Partners provide for the scholarship package of one student at $9,800. We ask our Partners to consider supporting a student for 5 years.

Half Scholarship Partners provide for half of the scholarship package of one student at $4,900 annually. Again, we ask our Partners to consider supporting a student for 5 years.

Partial Scholarships are often made together, by a small group of people. They each provide for part of a scholarship package for one student with a gift of $1,000 annually for 5 years.

Family Partners have a meaningful influence on RVA through Elijah House with a gift of $25,000, $50,000 or larger. These gifts can either come from a family or support a family of sibling students.

What does it look like to be a Scholarship Partner? Partners receive two notes throughout the year from a student whose scholarship package they could be supporting. Additionally, Partners are invited to join the student for two events throughout the year. These Partner Days might include lunch, a school program, and a lesson in the classroom or project in the art studio. Students love to show off their beautiful work, test scores, or oratorical recitations.

Can I write letters back to my partner student? Yes. We hope you will. Partners are encouraged to respond with a note of encouragement and even share about themselves and their life. Please send letters to the Development Office where they are reviewed by the Development Office.

Can I partner with more than one student? Yes. We hope you will.

Will the student I could be supporting change from year to year? Your gift supports the mission of EHA, which is to provide a Christ-centered and accessible choice in education that cultivates the hearts, minds, and bodies of our city’s children for God’s glory and Richmond’s flourishing. The scholarship is not directly tied to a specific child(ren) but rather provides for a student(s) with a scholarship package, like the one with whom you are partnered.

The student you could be supporting might change. Why? Sometimes children leave EHA for any number of reasons. Complicated social dynamics, new jobs, moves, inadequate grades, and other factors all affect a child’s schooling.

The vision of EHA is to create Christ-centered urban school communities where learning about God and His world leads to a discovery of the student’s identity and role in God’s mission to redeem all things. That means we’re pursuing not just the redemption of a child’s mind, but his body and very identity in the community. Tangibly, that means we help families work through options to find solutions in barriers like transportation or finances. Families express their high appreciation for EHA’s Christ-Centered community, physically and emotionally safe environment, and financially accessible model and make great sacrifices to stay at the school.

Despite EHA’s successes, children and families do sometimes leave the school for different reasons. If your partner student leaves for any reason, you will be notified as soon as possible and you will be teamed with another child. If this occurs, please be aware of the complex dynamics mentioned.

May I bring presents to the students? No. Please refrain from giving extra gifts to students. If you would like to give another financial contribution, together we will identify a project or program that benefits all the children or the entire classroom.

Can I be more involved on campus? Yes. We hope you will. Please visit our Volunteer Opportunities or Needs and Wish List or consider being a tutor once a week in our Academic Support Center.

How long does my Partnership last? We ask Partners to support a student for five years or until the student graduates from Elijah House. Then, we ask Partners of graduates to re-Partner with a younger student. Circumstances can change, though, and Partnerships can be discontinued anytime.

Understand student’s circumstances also change. Families get new jobs, move, live with another family member, switch schools, and are sometimes asked to leave EHA. Partners are notified of changes and given the opportunity for a new partnership.

Partners are integral to the school. While EHA firmly recognizes parents are Biblically their children’s primary teachers and EHA exists to support parents, all children need to know how many people love and support them.

Become with us! If you’re interested in becoming a Scholarship Partner, please ask Development Director Elizabeth Kell to reach out to you at or (804) 755-7051.